Halina's Heaven

Decorative Cake Soaps

All these soaps look like YUMMY edible cakes.  

They smell delicious, just like the real thing.........

Decorated Soap Cakes

Each cake is approximately 130g (5oz) in weight.

Strawberry Chocolate Tarts

Looks and smells just like the real thing.


Pink Grapefruit Layer Cake

9'' layer cake with a Rose in the centre and piping around the edge.

Cranberry Rose Layer Cake

This is a 9 Inch (22.5cm) layer Cake

Slice of Sponge Cake


Decorative Cake Soaps

Vanilla Custard Slice.


Orange Deluxe Torte.

Cranberry Tart

Lilac Rose Cake

Rose Deluxe Soap

Sweet Heart Cake

Rose Square Cake